Miles (Bengali: মাইলস) is a Bangladeshi rock band based in Dhaka. Formed in 1979, the group is widely considered as the most popular rock band in South Asia. The group currently consists of Hamin Ahmed (vocal and guitar), Shafin Ahmed (vocal and bass), Manam Ahmed (keyboards, keytar and vocal), Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo (drums and percussion) and Iqbal Asif Jewel (guitar and vocal).

Present members

Shafin Ahmed – lead vocals, bass (1986–2009; 2014-2018; 2018-present)
Hamin Ahmed – lead guitars (1980–present)
Iqbal Asif Jewel – lead guitars (1998–present)
Manam Ahmed – keyboards (1986–present)
Syed Ziaur Rahman Turjo – drums (1996–present)

Past members

Happy Akhand – keyboards (1979-1985)
Farid Rashid – lead vocals, bass guitars (1979-1986)
Kamal Mainuddin – drums (1979-1986)
Larry Burnaby – lead guitars (1979-1984)
Ishtiaq – rhythm guitars (1979-1982)
Ahmed Musa – lead guitars (1982-1984)
Shehedul Huda – drums (1979-1981)
Robin – keyboards (1986-1987)
Milton Akbar – drums (1987-1992)
Mahbub Ur Rashid – drums (1992-1996)
Khayem – bass guitars (2009-2014)